23 Terrific Skills you should learn to make money online in India

23 Terrific Skills You Should Learn in 2020 to Make Money Online in India

Does it happen to you that you feel passionately about a subject but you are unable to pursue it as a business? 

It surely happened to me. I wanted to write for the longest time but never pursued it because I thought I wouldn’t make much money out of it.

If given a chance, would you like to make your crafty skill into a full-time career? 

I am sure you would love to.

Do you ever think about learning a new skill that can make you loads of money online?

Yes, we all desire to have a little thing of our own and we can do all sorts of things to achieve that money goal.

Do you also feel bad when you see someone just as skilled as you making 100 times more money than you and that too by being her own boss?

I surely feel bad when that happens to me. In fact, I will share my short story on the same subject in this post.

We always have those moments in life when we get lethargic. We defer the decision of doing something worthwhile out of our talent because of the PERCEIVED lack of opportunities or the sheer fear of uncertainty and rejection. 

Even when we start anything, we are too impatient to stick to it, until it shows some results.  

My regrettable story

I have also – for the longest time – deferred the decision to start my writing gig. I tried a few times, just to give it up, because I didn’t get immediate results to keep myself motivated. 

Impatience sucks! 

That happened a few years ago. 

I know people who started their personal finance blogs at the same time back in 2015. When I see them today, those people have got phenomenal success in their blogs while I am still struggling to write. 

What hurts me more is that I had the same interests and no less knowledge than them. But they succeeded because of their perseverance and I couldn’t achieve much because I was not willing to step out of my comfort zone.

If you are not conscious of the potential of your talent, you are missing out on the best opportunity of all times. Being successful with your little skill was never so easy as it is today because of the power of the internet.

If you are skillful in any area, you should make the most of it.

I have listed 23 skills that you can use to make money online in India or anywhere else in the world. 

Choose the one which is closest to your skillset and work on it to achieve some degree of expertise to start an online business.

Pro tip: Whatever you choose will have a lot of existing competition. You need to beat the competition by not creating another me-too product. Add little twist of your own to make your offering unique. This is the only way to quickly gain ground on the internet. 

I will also write an entire post on how you can encash on the business model that your competitor has built.

So, here we go with the list, let’s get started

Digital Marketing

Looks like a no brainer, isn’t it? You may say that everyone who has the digital marketing skillset must have gotten rich by now. 

That isn’t true though.

There are too many missing skills and a shortage of talent in digital marketing. There is a high deficit of skilled people in almost every sub-area of digital marketing. That includes analytics, mobile, content marketing, social media, e-mail marketing and even SEO as highlighted in this infographic by Online Marketing Institute

In another post, Kasey Steinbrinck of Element highlights how difficult is it getting to hire digital marketing talent and how rewarding could be a career for talent in digital marketing.

So if you stopped yourself thinking you have missed the race, think again. We have just scratched the surface and there is a lot more to come.

If digital marketing is your thing, put some time learning the newest stuff out there and start rolling. Do not stop until you become an expert. 

Once you have that expertise, you can start your own business like freelancing, consulting, teaching, or blogging using your renewed skillset. 

And the best part, once you become great at it, money – a lot of it – will automatically follow.


Video is the most engaging type of content on the internet. Evidently, the second most visited site on the web is the video behemoth Youtube. 

If you have cinematography skills or have a basic idea about videography, you can take some advanced courses and make yourself much more valuable than you currently are. 

There are so many businesses/gigs that you can start as a videographer/cinematographer including 

  • Freelance videography
  • Contract videography
  • Consulting
  • Starting a youtube channel of your own
  • Selling your videos on stock websites like Shutterstock to make money

Video Editing

If you have a magic hand in video editing or a keen interest in the subject, you can be your boss if you put the right effort. 

Editing can make or break video content.  As video has become the most popular form of content online, pro-editors are very high in demand. Therefore, pro-editors always command a huge premium over average editors.

Many of the good video editors do freelancing with big production houses and get paid really well. 

The potential of this skill can be gauged by the fact that the average salary of video editor at Netflix is over $192k, which is almost 4 times the U.S. per capita income and more than 120x Indian per capita income. 

So if you want to build an online career in video editing, start right off. Take some advanced courses to hone your skills. 

You can then take a job at any production house or even a small-time online content creator to learn real stuff while doing it. 

Once you are proficient enough, you can start your own freelancing career, an online training course, your own youtube channel, or anything else that uses videos.


Online or offline, good animators have one of the most rewarding careers in the creative stream. 

Look around and you will find many of the highest-grossing films including The Toy Story series, The Lion King and Minions are animated. These films have grossed billions of dollars in revenue and profits, which wouldn’t have been possible without skilled animators.

Apart from movies, animators also have careers in games, designing and visual effects. These activities have a broad scope and you can choose any of these areas to build a career out of it.

As an animator, you can

  • start freelancing
  • create videos to make money online. 

You can refer to this valuable guide by Patrick Henry on how to earn money online on Youtube from animation for more details.


Coders are the heart of the digital revolution we are witnessing today. This skillset has a wide application from building simple websites (web development) to creating complex algorithms (software development), which can analyze humongous amounts of data across multiple servers in seconds.

The important thing is that coding is not also limited to techies nowadays. Non-techies equally have a chance to build a successful career in it. 

There are many courses and online resources available (Example: code.org) which you can use to learn coding as a non-techie.

Start by this guide by Lifehacker to start learning to code or check this article to know 22 places to learn coding for free.

As a programmer, you will have to continuously update yourself for new languages and skills that come up on a regular basis. Skills become redundant pretty rapidly in the world of programming and you need to be on your toes to be ahead in the game.

Coding is also financially rewarding. Salaries for good programmers can range from $25k to $250k in a year. 

If you have the right skills, people will be more than willing to pay for your services.

To make money online from coding you can

  • Work as a freelancer
  • Start your own tech blog
  • Train other people on coding
  • Build a web or mobile app
  • Create a game or 
  • Create a useful software/program to solve real-world problems. 

You can even create promising start-ups with low capital if you have a great product idea.

The possibilities in coding business are endless and no matter how huge the competition is, a good coder always lives like a king. 

Automobiles Expert

Internet is my best go-to guide to figure out anything that goes wrong with my car. It actually helped me buy the car in the first place.

If automobiles are your life, you can easily make a comfortable living online. All you need is your unique business model around automobiles.

As an expert you can:

  • Review cars, bikes or even trucks
  • Start your own blog to share useful tips and hacks about automobiles
  • Start your Youtube channel
  • Start your own small buying-selling venture
  • Become an online consultant, or best of all
  • Become an influencer if you have a good follower base

If you have the authority on the subject, all the automobiles brands could also be chasing you to put the word out when they launch new products.

You will need good presentation skills for any automobile venture, as most of the content on automobiles will be video content. So, take up a class or two on public speaking if you need to.

Home Decor/Homecare expert

Everybody desires to live in a beautiful looking home. The Internet is the best go-to place for these people to beautify their homes.

There are too many reasons for these people to go on the internet to seek help on the topic.

They could be looking to install new furniture, paint their home, or could be simply looking for wall decor ideas or the best kind of painting to hang on their wall. 

If you help them figure these things out then you can definitely make some cash out of it.

A home decor expert can easily make money online through blogs, affiliate marketing, video tutorials, freelancing or consulting.


There is no better way to win people’s hearts than helping them cook or find delicious food. 

I am a foodie at heart and when my foodie friends tell me about a good food joint in the city, I always make it a point to pay that joint a visit.

There are immense opportunities for you on the internet if you are a pro cook or a food expert. You could become a Youtube star, a pro blogger or you can open your own online food business. 

The business has got even easier with the popularity of celebrity chefs and reality shows like Master Chef. 

As a food blogger, you can create a loyal set of followers (foodies), who will engage with you on whatever you do. You can post reviews on restaurants, explore new restaurants or even take on a niche like exploring street food. 

Once you have a follower base, you can become an influencer and also do sponsored reviews. Best practice would be to keep those reviews honest and ethical.

Electronics Expert

Electronics is a huge market. 

It is an equally confusing market too. 

People have a hard time figuring out which mobile phone or which TV should they buy. 

People invest heavily in electronics and most of the time that investment lasts for a long time. 

The only problem is they have too many choices. They do not know what is new and what is outdated. They would not know how an SDD is better than an HDD and will be confused between an AMD and an Intel. 

They have questions, which only people with subject knowledge can answer.

That is when they turn to the internet for help. 

If you can help them buy the right stuff, you can be their hero. 

As an electronic expert, your career can last a lifetime in the online world. The good part is that you have too much to choose from. 

So, if you feel that one part of the market is crowded, you can easily pick any other part. Let’s say if mobiles are crowded you can always pick laptops or TV or anything else. 

You can make money by reviewing stuff on youtube or on your blog. 

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money online through electronics. Online marketplaces pay generous commissions when you help them sell electronics.

You can also become an influencer. Brands will also approach you to put the word out when they have new launches coming up. You can always sneak in a few cents from their marketing budgets which run into billions of dollars every year.

Content Marketing

I am a very big fan of content marketing for the sole reason that this kind of marketing is not pushy. It is more about building a brand and community engagement. It’s about being creative in selling.

Content marketing is a pure game of skill and caring about your audience. You build useful stuff for them, engage with them, and pursue them to buy your stuff only when they are fully convinced. 

This form of marketing covers all forms of content including video, text, and audio. It is a hot career nowadays as consuming content has become so easy with a smartphone in everybody’s pocket.

You can make money online in content marketing as a freelancer or as an independent digital marketer. If you are an expert in another field (like finance, sports etc.) and also have a knack of content marketing you can pick both these skills and create a successful venture of your own. 

There is no limit to the kind of money you can make in the huge $400 billion content marketing industry. I have seen people minting millions out of their content marketing expertise.


You know how Justin Beiber came into the mainstream music industry. It was after the famous talent manager Scooter Braun came across a Youtube video of Bieber. 

It is not only Beiber, internet has helped many good artists become famous and wealthy. 

Showcasing your artistic talent was never so easy. You don’t have to hold yourself back just because you think how difficult is it to make a career as an actor or singer. You just need the right approach and a lot of perseverance to get there. 

Even if you do not get your big break, you can always make passive money out of Youtube. Or if you have good enough followers, brands will be more than happy to pay you as an influencer.


If you are a camera addict, there are plenty of ways for you to earn money online. The most convenient of them is to sell your photos online. 

There are websites that can pay up to $100 per image for a good picture. Check out 500px, Smugmug, Shutterstock, and iStockphoto for details. These websites help you find buyers for your photos for a cut in every sale. 

You can create a good source of passive income as one image can sell multiple times and you will be making money without putting in any extra effort.

You can also use the internet as a medium to get more leads for your offline business. Make extensive use of social media if you are setting up a new photography business.


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward

If you are good at teaching something, consider teaching it to the world. With platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, teaching online has become extremely easy. 

People like Byju Raveendran of Byju’s have created multi-billion dollar businesses out of their teaching skills.

I have seen people making money as high as $200 per hour teaching English online.

If you can teach something more technical and hot, like coding, your earning potential can be even higher. Look how Rob Percival made $2.8 million on Udemy teaching kids how to code.

All you need is a small setup and some video editing skills. The upside potential is huge for teachers in the online world.


If you are one of those who is admired for her fashion skills, you can help the world be more fashionable and make money on the side. 

As a fashionista, you can:

  • Write fashion blogs
  • Start a YouTube vlog
  • Flaunt your fashion skills on Instagram
  • Become an Instagram stylist
  • Help people shop online or even
  • Create your own private label brands

So if you have it in you, look no further than the internet.

You do not have to be an overall fashion expert to begin making money online. It could be a niche like western wear, Indian wear, or even footwear. 

Being super focused on one niche will actually make it easier for you to expand in the future. 

Pet Care

People are crazy about their adorable pets and they can go to any limit for their well being. 

If you are also a pet lover and gained a lot of expertise from personal experience or otherwise, your expert advice can sell like hotcakes online. 

The best part is that the domain is not so competitive and you can make a mark in lesser time.

The best business you can do is to write a petcare blog or start a petcare YouTube channel.

Baby Care

Baby care is a very sensitive subject. People will check 2-3 times before following any advice from anybody when it comes to their babies. 

It helps if the advice they are getting is from credible sources. So, as a baby care expert you need to gain some credibility first by engaging with your audience.

You should start a babycare venture only when you deeply care about the babies. If you deeply care about them, you will always do your best and render the best advice. 

As a babycare expert you can:

  • Start blogging for parents
  • Start a baby products venture
  • Start a Youtube channel. 

The babycare market in India is a huge $14 billion and is growing rapidly. There are many money-making opportunities if you create an ethical business in babycare.

Sex Expert

With the advent of the internet, sex is no more a hush-hush thing as it used to be. Googling, is the first thing people do when encountered with a sex-related issue. 

Be it sex advice or some spicing up of sex life, people are looking for all sorts of stuff on the internet. So, If you have abundant knowledge on the subject you can mint a lot of money. 

The entire sexual wellness market is small (Rs. ~3,000 crores) but growing in double digits. It is very exciting to be a part of the market of this size which is growing pretty well. 

You have the opportunity to create some sort of authority before the field becomes more competitive. 

You can start blogging or YouTubing on the topic to make money. You can also open a sexual wellness products franchise using social media or a full-fledged online store.

The earning potential is huge as people are willing to spend good money to make their sex lives better. High earners sometimes do not hesitate to spend even Rs. 15-20k on single purchase. 

Both men and women spend similar kinds of money on sexual wellness, so gender is also not a bar.

Public Speaking

“If you can’t communicate and talk to people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” – Warren Buffett

The power of good communication skills is unimaginable. It gets you started and gets half the work done before you even start.

Almost half of the world is terrified about speaking in public. They shiver even when they have to only tell their name to an audience.

As the one who is skilled in public speaking, you can have a very successful career online. Here is an entire list of people who have made a successful career in public speaking. They earn millions doing this.

If you want to make money in public speaking start with a YouTube channel. Help people overcome daily issues they come across due to fear of public speaking.

You can also start consulting and coaching people. Even big boardroom CEOs will come to you if you make a name in this domain. 

This surely isn’t a small-time gig.

Tax Planning/Return Filing

Are you good at something as technical as GST return filing? If yes, you definitely have a promising career online.

Start a tax consulting blog or build an easy return filing system. Help people save a few thousands that they spend on expensive accountants and you could be on your next big thing.

As the economy runs on taxes, this profession will never go out of business. The potential is literally unending.

The business works on cost-benefit analysis. 

If you help somebody online save some bucks in taxes or help save the cost of an accountant, she can definitely share a part of savings with you. If you help a lot of people do that, a lot of people will share their savings with you. 

So pick up your calculator and get started, if you are a tax expert.


No matter how much money people make in their lifetime, if they aren’t healthy enough, that money is of no aid. 

The awareness for health has increased quite a bit off lately. People want to do one or the other thing to stay fit. They spend on gyms, yoga clubs, meditation sessions, sports, Zumba and many other things to do whatever it takes.

A good example of how this had become a successful viable business is Fitternity, which is an online aggregator of gyms, spas, Zumba, etc. 

You can make money blogging, posting videos, tutorials, coaching or becoming a social media influencer. Check out how Sapna Vyas created a successful online career with her passion for fitness.

There is no shortage of viable business models in fitness. You could be a true inspirer if you have gone from being overweight to being exceptionally fit (and hot). A story and a toned body makes a very good cocktail for your online business.


Are you a traveler? Is traveling very heavy on your pocket? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

If you have a lot of experience traveling, you must have developed traveling hacks (a lot of them) of your own. Put them to work and you will be on your way to earn yourself a good passive income.

If you do it smartly, you can travel almost free or at minimal cost. Learn some social media skills and create a good following. With a good follower base, you can bag very good brand endorsements from hotels, resorts, restaurants, and even airlines.

You can help people plan their vacations, suggest them good hotels and restaurants, and assist them with locations and activities.

There is so much you can do with traveling as your passion. There are bloggers who are making millions while traveling. 

It does hold an exceptional potential.


Gaming, game reviews, and gaming commentary can be exceptionally rewarding careers online. PweDiePie, the famous game commentator, alone earned $12 million (Rs. 84 crores) in 2017 from Youtube.

Gaming is amongst the most pursued topics on the internet. People make money playing games online and helping people steer the game. Here is a guide on how to make money from gaming

I must also admit that gaming has now become a pretty competitive market. If you have an edge or you are a pro gamer, then only think about starting a career in online gaming. Your offering has to really unique for your gig to work.


Generally, a money-guzzler, shopping, can easily become a money-maker if you do it smartly. 

If you are one of those smart shoppers whom everybody wants to go shopping with, you have a good potential online career. 

You can share shopping tips, give out money-saving hacks, explore different markets or spread general awareness on the kind of stuff people should be shopping for.

You could help them shop for stuff valued as low as a boxer short or something valued as high as a drawing-room sofa. 

As far as making money is concerned you can write blogs or make videos and earn ad and affiliate income. You can also become a social media influencer and earn money from brands. 

The Final Word

The list I have collated is a very small part of what skills could be useful to make money online. The opportunities are immense in the online world and there are a whole lot of other things you can do on the internet to build a source of passive income. 

One essential thing you should know is while setting up an online venture you will have to learn other things apart from your skillset. For example, if you are setting up a blog, you should consider taking a class on affiliate marketing to earn money from the blog.

Building a business in any of these things is simple but not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be successful at any of these things. It will also take some time before anything picks up. 

To make things easier, start with writing a goal for whichever online gig you plan to do and revisit that every morning. As you will revisit your goal every morning, it will be easier for you to put the daily effort towards building your way to financial freedom. Once you achieve a set goal, set the next goal and pursue it.

I follow an 80:20 rule in my life. In this rule, 80% of my time goes towards something that giving me my regular income, which is my current day job. For you, it can also be a day job, a small business or anything else which earns your current livelihood.

I devote the balance 20% of my time on my personal finance writing gigs. In this 20% of the time I am building my online business and I plan to make it much bigger than my regular income source. 

You need to choose your thing which you would want to devote 20% of your time.

The key here is to be disciplined enough to do this. So, pick whatever you like doing and do it a lot. Money will ultimately follow when you do it well.

That is it, folks!

If you have anything to say, a comment, a suggestion or a question for me, put it in the comments section below. Let me know if I have missed out anything in the article. I would love to come back to you with my insights. 


Wondering how to make money online from your skillset? Here is a complete guide and a list of business ideas that can help you get started.

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